Sensual Weekend

Am 11. November präsentiert Nelly im Casa Cultural ein Sensual Weekend: Ab 19.30 Uhr vertieft ein 1,5 stündiger Intensiv-Workshop mit Nelly und Inma Eure Bachata Mittelstufe Fähigkeiten. Danach startet ab 21.30 Uhr die Sensual Party mit DJ Nelly und DJ Rodry. Anmeldung bitte direkt bei DJ Nelly – zum Beispiel über den Trainerkontakt. Im Vorverkauf kosten Workshop & Party 15 €. An der Abendkasse kosten Workshop & Party 20 €, nur Workshop 12 € und nur Party 8 €. Wir freuen uns auf Euch.

Update Dancehall

Do you want to dance?

Dancehall is a popular nowadays dance style. More than that, it is a big part of Jamaican culture. You can never be bored of it, because it can be a lot of fun and carelessness, energy or deep feelings, even sexy and very confident. 

We offer you not just classes, you definitely will:

* meet new open-minded people

* become a part of our community

* take part in dance videos

* learn choreographies 

* boost your confidence

* have fun 

* stretch

* have a minimum physical activity to keep you in shape

* perform 

Mariam has more than 8 years dancing experience and 3 years of teaching. She gives workshops in different cities in Germany and Ukraine, it is easy to communicate with her, so don’t be afraid and come to try! 

Dancehall Friday 17:50 is for everyone: kids, teenagers and adults, we don’t have any age restrictions

Dancehall female Monday 20:00 is for girls 16+. It is something that will boost your confidence and if you like Sean Paul’s videos, that’s definitely for you!

Instagram: @mariammmm.f